What is allowed in the Bio-Digester?

Almost everything that can be sliced in the kitchen and brought back from the table.

  • Boiled, fried, steamed and untreated foods
  • All fruit and vegetables
  • Nuts
  • Meat including small bones
  • Fish and seafood such as lobsters and scampi
  • Eggs including shells
  • Pasta, rice and doughs
  • Cheese
  • ....

Actually, simply everything that your own stomach could digest.

What is NOT allowed in the Bio-Digester?

  • No large pieces of bone
  • No oyster or mussel shells
  • No large pits from fruit such as avocados
  • No hot and/or frozen foods
  • No liquid sauces, such as soup, oil, chip fat...
  • No cutlery
  • No crockery
  • No napkins

Actually, nothing that your own stomach could not digest.